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What are some ways to prevent business litigation?

Business owners in Jacksonville are hard workers who aim to ensure their business sees financial success. However, there are always hiccups in the process and sometimes a business is sued. However, there are some steps business owners can take to prevent such lawsuits from occurring.

What are some common types of business litigation?

Businesses in Jacksonville, big and small, may eventually find themselves facing a lawsuit. For some, it is an inevitable part of doing business as disagreements, misunderstandings and broken promises will occur. Of course, certain types of lawsuits are more common than others.

Talk show host pursues business litigation against PBS

Many people in Florida may have been fans of the Public Broadcasting Service television talk show host, Tavis Smiley. Therefore, they may be concerned to hear that Smiley is pursuing legal action against the network, stating that the network wrongfully claimed he committed acts of sexual misconduct as a pretext for suspending his show. After conducting an investigation, the television station stated that Smiley engaged in sexual acts with workers in positions below him over the course of a number of years. According to the network, these alleged acts went against the standards PBS holds itself to.

Can an employer in Florida be sued for giving a poor reference?

When a person in Jacksonville is hunting for a job, one thing they may need are references from previous employers. Of course, in today's competitive market getting a job is not always easy, and job hunters will usually experience a certain amount of rejection. Some of them, however, believe that the reason they did not get a particular job is because a reference gave their prospective employer an unfavorable review. When this happens, a person may try to sue their former employer for defamation.

Business litigation regarding autonomous vehicles settled

Autonomous vehicles -- which at one time may have been seen like something out of television shows like the "Jetsons," -- are fast becoming a reality. Companies are investing into these vehicles with the aim that those vehicles will increase their ability to earn a profit. That being said, the technology behind autonomous vehicles is still in its beginning stages, and companies that produce autonomous vehicles will fight to keep their trade secrets private.

Tortious interference could lead to business litigation

The open market in the United States allows companies in Florida and nationwide to compete with each other in a healthy way that ultimately boosts the nation's economy. However, there are times when one business does something that unlawfully and intentionally interferes with another business's operations, including business contracts and relationships, to cause that business to suffer financially. This is known as tortious interference, and it is can form the basis of business litigation.

What types of business litigation are available to shareholders?

Sometimes, an uptick or downswing in a corporation's value is due simply to economic circumstances. However, other times, a corporation could be negligently or purposely mishandled by its officers. In Florida and nationwide, when a shareholder sustains financial losses due to the wrongful actions of the corporate managers, they may want to pursue a class-action lawsuit or a shareholder derivative lawsuit.

Florida law addresses 'drive-by' disability lawsuits

While most Florida business want to be compliant with federal law, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), some people are stating that frivolous "drive-by" lawsuits regarding the ADA are becoming too prevalent. To that end, a law was passed that would help businesses facing such lawsuits. Unfortunately, many businesses are not aware of this law.

Kid Rock faces business litigation over a trademarked phrase

Florida fans of the celebrity musician Kid Rock may be looking forward to attending a show in his upcoming U.S. tour for his newest album "Sweet Southern Sugar." However, the musician has recently changed the name of his tour after being sued by Feld Entertainment.

Sometimes business litigation is the only way to resolve disputes

Business disputes arise every day in Florida. Business owners may try to resolve these disputes out of court, but sometimes, this just is not possible. Business owners may have no other choice but to file a lawsuit, or conversely, may find that they themselves are being sued. In either case, it is important for business owners to seek the help they need to reach a satisfactory outcome.

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