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Avoiding a shareholder suit

Shareholder lawsuits are very costly for any company. Though every shareholder has an interest in protecting the value of the company, including its brand, the publicity generated by a suit can be very damaging. They should be seen as a last resort in any dispute between shareholders and the executives of a company.

Contract disputes trickier in Florida

Contracts are usually entered into with the best of intentions. Two or more parties agree to work together, deliver services, or sell products. But sometimes the arrangements don’t work out for any number of reasons and one or more of the signers is upset.

Getting past a partnership dispute

A business partnership is often more than a simple relationship, it can be like a marriage. Both parties put their hopes and dreams into the venture and have certain expectations. There are often a lot of emotions riding on if for that reason.

Spinal cord injuries in Florida

Spinal cord injuries may result from traumatic damage to your spine that affects the nerve fibers that allow for the body to function.  For example, an injury to the lower back can affect nerves controlling the abdomen, legs, bowel and bladder. A severe neck injury can affect arm and hand movement.  Some spinal cord injuries will result in temporary disability where nerve functions can be regenerated and body movement may eventually be restored (like Peyton Manning’s throwing motion is an example). However, severe injuries may result in permanent paralysis, where movement of extremities cannot be restored.

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