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What are some common types of business litigation?

Businesses in Jacksonville, big and small, may eventually find themselves facing a lawsuit. For some, it is an inevitable part of doing business as disagreements, misunderstandings and broken promises will occur. Of course, certain types of lawsuits are more common than others.

Some common lawsuits involve those brought by employees for wrongful termination, harassment or discrimination in the workplace. Federal laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Title I of Americans With Disabilities Act may apply to these lawsuits.

Then there are lawsuits for discrimination that are brought not by workers, but by patrons, suppliers, vendors, patients or others who deal with the business in one way or another. For example, a patron at a restaurant could sue, saying that the restaurant staff refused to serve her based on her national origin.

Other lawsuits businesses may face are those that allege wage and hour law violations. These violations are covered by the Federal Labor Standards Act. Under that act, nonexempt workers may be paid overtime, but exempt workers may not.

In addition, some lawsuits brought against businesses are torts. These types of lawsuits allege that a person's civil rights were violated. Negligence is an unintentional tort, but there are intentional torts as well.

Finally, there are breach of contract lawsuits. These take place when one party to an agreement claims the other party is not complying with the terms of the agreement.

Business litigation for some companies in Florida is an unfortunate but expected part and parcel of doing business. Sometimes a business is initiating a lawsuit, while other times it finds itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit. In either case, businesses can benefit from discussing their situations with a legal professional who can explain how the law applies to the facts of their case.

Source: the balance, "5 Most Common Lawsuits," Marianne Bonner, Oct. 30, 2017

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