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Florida ride along observes distracted drivers on roadways

This blog recently discussed the important protections available for victims of distracted driving-related accidents and distracted drivers. Unfortunately, texting while driving is not uncommon in parts of Florida and is an increasing problem and concern in Florida and throughout the country. Texting while driving, and distracted driving generally, is dangerous for both drivers and those they share the roadways with.

During a recent ride along with authorities in Florida, drivers were observed engaging in distracted driving behaviors, including one driver who was accessing his cell phone through the steering wheel of his vehicle. Officers were unable to pull the man over because texting while driving is not a primary offense in Florida but is, rather, a secondary offense which means authorities must have some other valid reason to pull the vehicle over to cite them for the distracted driving behavior observed. The fine is $30.

Cell phone use while driving, and particularly texting while driving, is considered the most serious distracted driving behavior because it combines several different types of driver distraction including removing the driver's attention, focus, hands and eyes from the task of driving. Florida drivers rank second in the country for distracted driving and are considered some of the most dangerous drivers on the roadways.

Distracted driving includes a variety of behaviors drivers may consider everyday and normal behaviors such as listening to music, texting, emailing or surfing the internet which al become potentially dangerous behaviors while driving. It is important, as a result, for victims of distracted drivers unexpectedly harmed in a distracted driving-related car accident to be familiar with the legal protections available to help them recover compensation for their damages suffered because of the carelessness of a distracted driver.

Source:, "Ride-along: Catching distracted drivers in SWFL," Rachel Polansky, Sept. 26, 2017

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