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Can humans help computers avoid car accidents?

It seems inevitable that one day soon people will be driving around Jacksonville without having their hands on a steering wheel. Driverless cars are getting closer and closer to reality, but important questions still need to be settled before computer-piloted cars take over the nation's streets.

Developers of driverless cars say the vehicles will make roads safer and that motor vehicle accidents, injuries and fatalities will all decline once computers take control.

However, one of the outstanding questions yet to be settled: should driverless vehicles be allowed to travel around the nation without any humans inside? Newsweek says that 87 percent of Americans want a requirement that driverless vehicles always have at least one person inside who can take control in an emergency.

Congress, on the other hand, appears to be headed in the opposite direction. Congress is speeding along with the idea that vehicles might have no controls for humans and that some vehicles might (presumably commercial vehicles) be allowed to take the roads without humans inside.

As you know, some of the very worst motor vehicle accidents involve tractor-trailers. When an 18-wheeler hits a passenger vehicle on a fast-moving interstate, the results can be devastating.

Proponents of driverless vehicles say the technology will one day mean an end to fatigued truckers, distracted motorists and drunken drivers.

We don't know how soon driverless cars will arrive, but we do know that drivers who cause car accidents can be held responsible for the damage they do by a skilled, experienced personal injury attorney.

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