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Our law firm is staffed not just by business attorneys, but also entrepreneurs who understand the excitement and challenges associated with starting or running a business. We know just how important a good legal strategy is and how to pair that strategy with the business goals of our clients. With years of practical and legal experience in business law, we are uniquely equipped to meet your legal needs. We offer a variety of business related legal services, including the following:

  • Corporate, Partnership & LLC Formation Issues - Forming a business is often a complicated and difficult endeavor. We can help review your situation, identify potential challenges, and recommend the right course of action to get your business started on the right foot.
  • Entity Governance Issues - Let us work with you to ensure your business is properly created and managed to avoid governance issues. We have experience with both local Florida governance requirements, as well as national and international standards, and can help ensure you are in line with all legal requirements. If your entity is facing any type of legal challenges, we can work on your behalf to achieve the best possible results.
  • Share & Warrant Issuance - Deciding to issue shares and stock warrants is an effective way to raise capital. Our firm has experience working with companies to negotiate the right share and warrant issuance terms to meet their requirements, and attract investors.
  • Angel Investor Financing - If you are looking to secure angel investors to help finance your business, we can help. Our team has experience working with clients to ensure they have effective business plans, and accurate financial records to attract the best potential investors. We can also write up the investment documents to help avoid problems down the road associated with this type of investment into your business.
  • Venture Capital Financing - Companies that require a large influx of capital often turn to venture capitalists. For businesses with a lot of potential, this can be an excellent way to quickly raise the money required to grow or save a company. Our attorneys will work with you to ensure the financing is secured properly and that all the legal documents are in place.

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Running a business is about much more than just offering your products or services to potential customers; you need to make sure you are following all local, state, national and international businesses laws and regulations. Our firm can help you to avoid legal challenges and overcome any that present themselves. Contact us today to learn how our business attorneys can help you successfully start and/or grow your business.