How do I form a business in Florida?

In Florida it's actually pretty easy to form a business. It involves a little more than filing articles of incorporation or articles of organization, and paying a filing fee. Which, can range from anywhere from $70 to $125 for a corporation or an LLC all the way up to $1,000 for a limited partnership or a limited liability partnership. However, to properly form a business there are so many more considerations that you should discuss with an attorney and so many other steps that should be taken to ensure that you and your assets are appropriately protected. For example, you should have an attorney draft bylaws and an operating agreement or a partnership agreement and adopt those to outline the responsibilities, management powers and obligations, dispute resolution procedures, and allocations of profited losses for your business. Your business should also identify tax IDs, sales tax IDs if appropriate, and all appropriate licenses, and insurance requirements should be discussed and addressed.

Finally, you should really have a plan for debt or additional equity if you need extra cash on hand for the business. Inevitably you should discuss an exit strategy for your business and a corporate attorney can help you address all those and answer all those questions for you.