Compassion For Your Family's Wrongful Death Tragedy

When informed of a relative's death in a sudden, tragic accident, a loved one can be devastated by emotional trauma that lasts a lifetime.

All kinds of losses — financial, familial — and survivor guilt can take their toll. Then comes the decision as to whether or not to pursue legal action against the person or persons who caused the fatal accident.

For dire, unexpected situations just like these, you need the compassionate assistance of wrongful death attorneys who stay sensitive to your fragile emotional state throughout the legal process — all the while aggressively representing your rights to often uncooperative insurance companies behind the scenes.

The skillful, sympathetic lawyers at Sheftall & Associates, PA, want only the best for you, and those closest to you, during this terrible, trying time. We engage in exhaustive investigation of your family member's accident and use facts of the case to accomplish a settlement that meets with your approval.

If that outcome is not possible, if discussions with an insurer are not productive, we will not hesitate to convey your goals, repeatedly and powerfully, to a judge and jury. Our law firm excels at state and federal litigation of all kinds.

Trust, Care, Commitment — And Compassion — For Wrongful Death Claims In Jacksonville

Has your life been interrupted by the death of another in a car crash, boating accident, mishap on an unsafe premises or workplace accident?

We need to hear your views, and want to know more about your loved one who was killed in an accident in Florida. Your initial consultation is free of charge and can be arranged right now at 904-638-5862 or by email message. The contingency fee basis for our legal services means that you owe no attorney fees unless we win your case.