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Victims of distracted driving are legally protected

Distracted driving places everyone sharing the roadway in danger. Because of the increase in the number of mobile devices, the size of the problem of distracted driving has grown. Distracted driving includes talking on a cell phone while driving; emailing or surfing the internet while driving; and texting while driving. Texting while driving is of particular concern because it combines all three types of distracted driving.

The three types of distracted driving are cognitive, visual and manual. When a distracted driver is texting while driving, their attention is removed from driving, their eyes are removed from the roadway and their hands are removed from the steering wheel. Additional types of distracted driving include operating a navigation device or radio while driving; interacting with passengers, children or pets while driving; reading while driving; grooming while driving; eating while driving and some other behaviors.

Can humans help computers avoid car accidents?

It seems inevitable that one day soon people will be driving around Jacksonville without having their hands on a steering wheel. Driverless cars are getting closer and closer to reality, but important questions still need to be settled before computer-piloted cars take over the nation's streets.

Developers of driverless cars say the vehicles will make roads safer and that motor vehicle accidents, injuries and fatalities will all decline once computers take control.

Be Aware Of Your Post-Hurricane Resources

Jacksonville and the surrounding region is on the mend after being hit by tropical storm Irma. Despite being downgraded from a hurricane, the tropical storm still caused substantial damage, as did the flooding that followed.

Many people were injured or lost their lives in the storm. Millions of dollars in damage was done to houses, businesses, public buildings, roads and more. As cleanup efforts move forward, it is valuable to know the resources that are available to Jacksonville residents and those in surrounding communities.

Mr. Sheftall plays George Washington for Duval County schoolchildren as part of ABOTA lecture on Bill of Rights

Mr. Sheftall has been asked by ABOTA, Jacksonville Chapter, to present a lecture on the Bill of Rights at the U.S. Courthouse on 3/16/17. The lecture is part of a full-day field trip by local middle school students to the Federal Courthouse. 

Mr. Sheftall appointed to serve on the Steering Committee for the North Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America's 2017 American Values Dinner

Mr. Sheftall has been appointed to serve on the Steering Committee for the North Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America's 2017 American Values Dinner on April 25, 2017. The honorees for that event will be A. Dano Davis and Mr. Rob Heekin 

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